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Considering the fact that I’ve grown up watching everything from Little House on the Prairie to Superfriends to Shaft, therein lies a complicated answer.  My origin stems from a cool melting pot of influences that have contributed to who I am as a writer and the stories I want to tell.   


Not your typical cookie cutter writer, my characters and the worlds they live in are born from questions only a guy like me would ponder. Questions like Why don’t rappers smile? Why can’t superheroes be fat?  Where do  all the abandoned street weaves go?  Or the question we all want to know the answer to, “ How come no one turns on the lights in a horror movie? 


Conspiracy theories interest me.  Underdogs inspire me.  Introducing  the world to compelling Black characters that evoke curiosity and empathy is what motivates me. I became a writer because I wanted to challenge stereotypes and expose the world to  alternative experiences  that have been seemingly missing from our screens.  Universal stories, universal appeal - with different faces. So if you want a new and unique representation of the Black experience  --- I’m your guy.


Police Car Lights
Feature / Thriller

A NYPD  pencil pusher uncovers a scandal fueled by the city brass in which dogs are being used as assassins, and must decide to blow the whistle on the operation, or stay put like he’s done his whole career.

malcom x file.png
TV Pilot / Thriller / Action

A quirky Harlem reporter decides to rid his neighborhood of a vicious beast when he is unable to convince the police of its role in a slew of brutal murders.

Rapper on Stage
Feature / Comedy

An over the hill rapper agrees to star in a reality show to boost his career, but his priorities get crossed when he falls in love with one of the show’s producers - a single mom with two kids.

captain keith.png
TV Pilot / Comedy

When his application to an elite superhero team is denied, an aspiring superhero seeks validation through the only venue he can - performing at a 10 year olds bday party. 

TV Pilot / Comedy

A modern day fixer agency’s  fate rests in the hands of Ron Jackson, a righteous, misogynistic, self-proclaimed soul-brother whose advertising genius for solving problems in his community gets put to the test when he meets his new boss - a woman.

Image by Martin Adams
Feature / Thriller

After learning about her younger sister’s mysterious suicide, a business executive returns home to south central Los Angeles, where she confronts her troubled past and the secrets she’s tried to keep  buried there.

Image by ConvertKit
TV Pilot / Thriller

When he is unable to absolve himself from his guilt in an environmental scandal, a corporate lawyer hatches a plan to steal another man’s identity, only to realize that person is wanted by an international crime boss for an unpaid debt.

TV Pilot / Sci-Fi / Drama

A lonely foster kid rises to fame as a popular DJ after discovering an A.I. program secretly hidden in an old boom box. 

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